Fire safety information

Caution! This is an inherently dangerous activity, and this list is not necessarily exhaustive. Please do your research and make sure you know what you are doing before using a fire prop.

  • Always have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, or wet towel nearby
  • Always safety check your equipment before lighting up. You don't want to discover that your connection was loose in the middle of a burn when your prop goes flying off!
  • Make sure to shake off excess fuel before ignition
  • Try to avoid spinning fire alone. It is always good to have a spotter or someone else who can help if something goes wrong.
  • Avoid synthetic materials as they can ignite quickly, and may melt onto your skin if ignited
  • If you have long hair, tie it back, or you will get an involuntary haircut :)
  • Avoid using fire products if you are impaired (drugs, alcohol, sleep deprivation, etc)


How to look after your new fire prop

If you take good care of your props, they will last you for a long time!


Technora is fire-resistant, not fire-proof. It will degrade over time. With proper care, the life-span of your technora tether will increase greatly, but you will need to replace it eventually.

  • Do not soak your tether
  • Avoid exposing your tether to direct flame as much as possible (keep your poi in motion)
  • Make sure to inspect your tether for wear and fraying before each burn


  • Make sure to soak your wicks completely, especially the first time
  • Use a low temperature fuel like lamp oil
  • Some colored flame additives will degrade your wicks faster than normal
  • Extinguish your wicks before they go out on their own. This ensures that the actual wick takes as little damage as possible, as only the fuel will be burning.
  • Store your props in a dry place away from direct sunlight