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Juggle Dream Neo Flower Stick
Description  The Juggle Dream Neo is a super bright UV active version of the Picasso...
165,00 kr
Gora Hand Sticks
Description Pair of aluminium sticks for devil or flower sticks  Specifications Stick Material:  Aluminum/Silicone  Length:...
129,00 kr
Gora Flower Stick
Description  Balanced and durable, this is the perfect Flower Stick for beginners and for practice....
220,00 kr
Juggle Dream Picasso Flower Stick
Description  Juggle Dream Picasso flower stick, this is possibly the best made flower stick we...
220,00 kr
Gora - Fire Flower Stick
Description  Gora fire flower stick (Hand sticks sold separately. [Fire Hand Sticks] [Hand Sticks]) Perfect...
449,00 kr
Juggle Dream Fire Flower Stick
Description  The dowel is made from a glass fiber, which is tough, yet flexible enough...
265,00 kr
Gora - Fire Hand Sticks
Description  Silicone coated fire devilstick handsticks with an aluminium shaft. These work well with any...
180,00 kr