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Gora - Dragon Staff Adapter
Description A set of detachable spokes to turn your Gora contact staff (or other staff...
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Gora Portable Contact Staff
Description  This is the ultimate Collapsible Contact Staff! The staff is well balanced and easy...
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Gora - Fire Contact Staff
Description This is the ultimate fire staff.  Using a very special aluminium alloy (known as...
819,00 kr
KT Fire Staff 1.5m / 100mm wicks
Description  This is a lightweight 1.5m KT Fire staff and arguably the most popular variation...
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KT Big Burner Fire Staff - 1.5m
Description  Something a bit special for advanced fire spinners in the form of the 1.5m...
880,00 kr
Gora - Fire Juggling Staff (Single)
Description  The price is for one staff. The core tube of the staff is made...
449,00 kr
Gora - Fire Double Staff (Single)
 Description Gora Double staff (Spinner Stick) Price is for a single staff. It is recommended...
399,00 kr