Fire Poi - Paracord Knot (Pair)

Fire Poi - Paracord Knot (Pair)

350,00 kr
Size :

Large Paracord knot fire poi complete with leashes and handles. 

Easily adjust to your preferred length: cut off excess leash and spin away! 
Comes with 7 cm chain by default. Swivels by head or handles are available as an option.

Technora is a highly fire-resistant, highly durable aramid-based rope. It is favored by fire spinners as an excellent replacement for chain.

Material: Technora
Chain: 7 cm from head
Standard Length: 58 cm
Diameter: 6 mm


Quick link: Yes
Swivel NO
Chain: 7 cm long / 2.55 cm thick


Poi Head
Kevlar Wick 13 mm
Weight  80g (S) / 140g (L) 


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